• agro consultancy


    Pig farming, with confidence on fully financial business advice

    Agro Consultancy offers a complete financial business advice to entrepreneurs in pig farming. It gives you insight into the economic and technical results of your business. In addition, we will guide you in realizing an optimal desired result.

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  • pig consultants


    Pig farming, problem-free building, remodeling or expanding

    Agro Consultancy consists of a team of project managers, architects, designers and own private constructors are ready to support where needed! They are aware of the specific technical demands on buildings.

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  • pig breeding consultancy


    Pig farming assured of advice, coaching and customized training

    Agro Consultancy is since the start of the pig farming company engaged in business coaching. It will then include the provision of advice and guidance tailored, drafting business plans providing practical guidance and training and educating employees...

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    Achieve Success to have Training in our own Pig farm

    Training in practice in our own training farm this is the key to your success!!

    Agro Consultancy offers practical training courses guaranteed to propel your business to success.!! Starting in our own training pig farm in Eastern Germany is dedicated to helping you practice how to improve the technical results and returns of your pig

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  • COVID-19 Protection means

    COVID-19 Protection for travelers

    Protect yourselves and others

    Travelers are required to wear face masks in public transport as of 1 June. The masks have to be arranged and organize by travelers themselves. Who does not wear one risks a fine, From June 1, trains, metros and intercity buses will be able to run again a

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